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Member Appreciation Day Project for February 2001

"Earth Angel"

designed by Shara Reiner, CDA

The angel appeared in the book "Tote-ally Fun to Paint". We will be painting the angel on a piece of Roc-Lon provided by DASF to make a Welcome sign. If you want to paint your angel on another surface that you provide yourself it will need to be larger than 13" by 13".

You will need to bring your regular paint supplies, including a Black Extra Fine Point Pen, such as Micron or Sharpie.

Brushes needed for this project are #12 & #16 shaders, #1 or #2 liner, and #8 filbert, but bring whatever brushes you are comfortable using.

Also added was a little bit of glitter paint on some of the white areas so you might want to bring some of your own.

The Board is bringing paint to use but if you would like to bring your own paints they are DecoArt Americana as follows:

Antique Rose, Avocado Dip, Country Red, Deep Burgandy, Deep Midnight Blue, Fleshtone, Hauser Medium Green, Indian Turquoise, Lamp Black, Moon Yellow, Peony Pink, Royal Purple, Soft Blue, Snow White, Summer Lilac, Tangelo Orange, and Traditional Burnt Sienna.

Of course you can convert to any brand you have if you decide to bring your own.

Jackie Marth and Karen Close will be bringing in "Welcome" stencils to use on your sign so bring a stencil brush to class too.

Since this is Member Appreciation Day we are giving you this program with no charge. There is no prep necessary and a line drawing will be given to you on the meeting day & we will base coat & paint our angel together. It will be a lot of fun so we hope you all will join us!

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