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TALL SWEDISH BASKET(clothes hamper)

November 3rd,4th and 5th 2006

Special Notice...There are still 3 openings for this wonderful seminar. Please contact MaryAnn for more information soon.

Held at the Alliance of the Arts, Fort Myers, Arrival time 8:30 seminar from 9 to 5

$135 for the three days, checks should be made payable to DASF

The cost of the hamper shall be $62.50 payable to Mary Ann Carroll

Paints will be Jo Sonja's paint and will be provided by Chroma Inc.

This is a beginner and intermediate project with stories by Heidi

Top and bottom of basket lid will be painted as well as the weave of basket on all sides and bottom as shown

Sign up for seminar needs to be done before August 1, 2006. Baskets are a specialty basket and time is needed to have enough for everyone

Come and enjoy this wonderful learning experience from a true folk art artist whose teaching style is fun and instructive.

To see more of Heidi's works visit her web page at Heidi's Home
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