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March Program

Geranium Note Pad Holder

An original pattern by teacher Janet Snell

DASF Meeting – March 10, 2007

Project: Summer’s Glory - an original acrylic project on a note holder or 4x6 masonite or surface of your choice, taught by Janet Snell. The design is geraniums and leaves. The note holders will be available for $8.95 and the masonite at $1.25 at the February meeting. Price for packet with picture is $3.00.

Palette – DecoArt Americana (please provide your own paint)

Lt. Buttermilk ... Black ... Golden Straw ... Hauser Green Medium

Cherry Red ... Napa ... Black Plum ... Hauser Green Light

Black Green ... Blush Flesh ... Olive Green ... Hauser Green Dark

Coral Rose = Cadmium Red 2 parts: Taffy Cream 1 part

Bring in all of your usual painting supplies plus the items listed here:

Special Supplies – Old stiff tooth brush or splatter brush, sealer, #6 and #8 filbert brushes. 1/4” rake brush and a scrubber for dry brushing.

Prep – Before the meeting sand, seal or use DA All Purpose Sealer 1:1 with the first basecoat. Sand after this step before continuing. Basecoat with Light Buttermilk until you achieve solid coverage. This may take several coats. Using the old toothbrush and thin paint, splatter with the following 4 colors. Let one color dry before going to the next one in case it is necessary to wipe off the latest color. The colors are: Hauser Green Dark, Napa Red, Hauser Green Light and Cherry red. Apply pattern and basecoat the leaves with Hauser Green Medium.
If you can not attend the February meeting and wish a packet so you can paint in March call me and I will send you one. Janet 239-262-1320

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