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March Program
Mary Ann Carroll CCGI (Certified Coulter Grisaille Instructor)
Silver Brush
Grisaille Of Tree


1. Basic supplies of water bin, paper towels, tracing paper, etc.
2. 8x10 canvas or canvas board.
3. 1 1/2" Foliage angular brush. You can find Scheewe foliage brush at Michael's usually.
4. 1 liner brush
5. 1 #6 or #8 flat shader
6. 1 #4 flat shader
7. If you have a larger flat shader brush it might come in handy for toning down value that has become too bright.

Project will be done with tube acrylic and Mary Ann will supply the acrylic. Project will be prepped with a medium gray at beginning of class. She will strive to do a 5 value study but will explain how to obtain more values if needed. Value will be taught at the beginning of class as well as using tube acrylics. How to use the foliage brush will also be shown.

Thank you MaryAnn for the interesting lesson in Grisaille

Grisaille [Fr.: ‘grey in grey painting’]. Term applied to monochrome painting carried out mostly in shades of grey. The use of the French word can be traced only to 1625, since although grisaille painting was done in preceding centuries, it was not referred to as such. The alternative expression peinture en camaïeu (gris) is also documented only more recently. In the 16th century there are occasional references to ‘dead colour’, but this term is no longer used. At the time of its origin, in the medieval period, grisaille painting was simply called ‘painting in black and white’, as is clear, for example, from an entry in the inventories of Jean de France, Duc de Berry, of 1401, 1413 and 1416: ‘Item, unes petites heures de Nostre Dame...enluminées de blanc et de noir’. However, this description is not very precise, as grisaille painting was never merely black and white at that time but was always combined with (more or less sparingly used) colours. The term grisaille, as commonly used today, itself only inadequately describes the various modes it subsumes. Their only common feature is the more or less exclusive use of non-coloured pigments, while they diverge technically and aesthetically to an often astonishing extent.
Song...Memory of Trees by Enya
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