for the
Society of Decorative Painters and Members of DASF
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As members of a chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters, our purpose, in common with that of the Society, is the promotion of decorative painting.To this end we pledge ourselves to support the goals and purposes of the Chapter and the Society, and

1. To keep the lines of communication open with fellow Chapter and Society members, respecting one another and following appropriate lines of communication.

2. To have a positive and open attitude, listening to fellow members opinions.

3. To remember the importance of an active membership, contributing our time and talents.

4. To maintain high standards of integrity and honesty.

5. To respect the right of each member individually and the right of the majority to govern, therefore, supporting the decision of the majority, regardless of how we personally vote.

6.. To support the leaders who serve the Chapter, cooperating with the current leaders, respecting the time and dedicated service of past leaders, officers, relinquishing our responsibilities cheerfully to support the new leaders.

7. To promote a friendly Chapter environment where Chapter members motivate and inspire one another, and where differences of opinion are accepted without a need to continue to discuss past differences.

8. To accept and respect the varied reasons members have for Chapter membership, and the varied skill levels they represent.

9. To remember that the Chapter is not a business and should not be used either to promote any specific individual or business or to create business for itself, thus competing with members who are in business.

10. To realize that the conduct and activites of the Chapter and its members reflect on the entire Society of which it is a part.

As members of the Chapter and of the Society we acknowledge that this code of ethics is an expression of our determination to maintain high professional standards, and it is only the conscience of the individual who subscribes to this code that can guarantee its effectiveness.

(This code is provided for us by the National Society)
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