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April 2009 Program
Faux Mable Workshop
taught by Judith MacLaren

Cost $5.00 or bag of groceries for the food pantry (please be sure to check expiration dates on the food)

In this workshop of the day you will learn a faux marbling technique. Please prepare anything larger than a shoebox with a satin paint. Decide before class what “color” marble you would like and basecoat your item with a lighter value of your color. EXAMPLE: if you want a light green marble--- basecoat with the light green and bring the darker green to class. I will have glazes for you to practice with and after lunch you will be able to enhance your piece of furniture using the materials and information you learned in the morning. Wear an apron to keep your clothes clean!


• piece to be marbled - such as a small table

• gloves

• sea sponge

• a good flat or angle brush that comes to a good chisel edge or a PURDY 2” brush ( Lowe’s or Home Depot)

• 1 piece of poster board cut into 4ths , prepared with the same paint as your item

• margarine style containers (3)

• masking tape

• clean rags

• paper towels

• notebook and pencil

• PAINT- any color to marble your item

QUESTIONS: Judith ----- 242-0495

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