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DASF May 2010 Program

Steppin Out On Saturday Night

Taught by Judi Revercomb

Chris Thornton-Deason has generously given permission for use of this pattern.

Judi will be providing the paint, pattern and embellishments for this program at a cost of $2.00. The Peacock will be painted on the fabic of your choice such as a shirt or bag. Judi will have bags for sale.

Prep for May Peacock on fabric.

If your using an item that will be washed please wash first and add NO fabric softener. Tote bags do not need washing. After tracing pattern onto fabric/bag etc. basecoat body, head, neck and legs with white. Judi did the tail feathers freehand but you can follow the pattern if preferred. Judi will provide paints and bling. You will need small and medium size flat brushes, liner and feather, fan or rake brush, she will bring extra for new painters use.

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