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Buzz the brushman will be at the meeting on Saturday
DASF January 2009 Program
Mr. Whooo
An original design by Joyce Kostelak
Ink & Watercolor on Rice Paper

There is no preparation prior to the program. Joyce will provide Rice Paper, Pattern, & Palette for $2.50 each.

Please contact her at to reserve your pattern, palette, & rice paper.

1/4 sheet Rice Paper, Banana, natural, by Black Ink, 12" X 18"

Watercolor Paints: Cadmium Yellow Pale, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey, Opaque White

16" X 20" Foamcor or support board, Micron Pigma Permanent black ink pen, size 01

Graphite transfer paper, stylus, masking tape, paper towels

Brushes: 1/4" & 1/2" Angle, Size 2 Filbert, Size 4 Round, Size 5/0 liner, 1/4" Filbert Comb

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