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Remembering our Friends Birthdays
January Birthday's

Judith MacLaren January 10

Pat Pietuszka January 13

Madonna Williams January 24

Barbara Miller January 29

Deloris Richter January 29

February Birthday's

Sue Fularczyk February 13

March Birthday's

Pilar Link March 04

Velma Habiger March 26

Beverly Klein March 27

Jean Dwyer March 28

April Birthday's

Fran Peterman April 01

Fran Poppell April 02

Laura Pennisi April 05

Jenne Williams April 05

Nancy Jo Ridenour April 8

C.C. Colesanti April 13

Barbara Grattenthaler April 17

Norma J Jackson April 22

Barbara Englund April 26

Gwen Kenneally April 26

May Birthday's

Karen Landon May 10

Joanne Dallas May 11

Bonnie Marks May 13

Suzanne Mikulka May 15

Janet Moss May 20

Betty Fabian May 28

June Birthday's

Jackie Cihlar June 18

Patricia Burkett June 18

July Birthday's

Ellie Summers July 3

Melida Escobar July 6

Janet Snell July 18

Jean L. Jones July 18

Carrol Ann Gowan July 21

Nancy McCloskey July 26

Deborah Booker July 28

Joyce Carden July 31

August Birthday's

Gerri Zoppa August 8

Nancy Slayton August 9

Gilda S. Taylor August 10

Vicki Taylor August 26

Joyce Kostelak August 28

September Birthday's

Diane Davis September 1

Marilee Crane September 4

Mary Koscik September 8

Katherine Busch September 16

Doris Akers September 18

Jane Meyer Sepember 22

Diane Kinser September 27

Carol Silverman September 28

October Birthday's

Joanne Anderson October 03

Cary Cefalu October 04

Alexandra Wilkinson October 11

Sheila Rogoff October 14

Robbie Saffell October 14

Audrey Goodrich October 14

Karen Close October 19

Janet Dellifranci October 23

Jane Nachtrieb October 28

Lynne Reinas October 30

November Birthday's

Jackie Marth November 2

Patty Meneo November 4

Marion Crawford November 21

December Birthday's

Edith Payne December 5

Theora Danker December 09

Diane Garofalo December 9

MaryAnn Carrol December 12

Judi Revercomb December 23

Edith Wenzlaff December 30

Elayne, VonLinden N/A

Eternity by Joan Walsh Anglund

From the book A Cup Of Sun

I shall be older than this one day.

I shall think myself young when I remember.

Nothing can stop

the slow change of masks my face must wear,

one following one.

These gloves my hands have put on,

the pleated skin, patterned by

the pale tracings of my days ...

These are not my hands!

And yet these gloves do not come off!

I shall wear older ones tomorrow,

till, glove after glove,

and mask after mask

I am buried beneath

the baggage of Old Woman.

Oh, then,

shall I drop them off,

Unbutton the sagging, misshapen apparel of age,

and run, naked and young, into Eternity!

Wishing You All A Very Happy Birthday

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