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February- Member Appreciation Month

To help celebrate our membership, we will have a

"Wear Your Color" Day

Please come to the meeting dressed in one color from your clothing palette.

The room will look like a rainbow!

And wait til you see the decorations!

Keeping with the program of recycling,

we'll adorn each table with some reworked items!

And speaking of recycling, the "Deliteful Debris" program will be held.

Purchase, recycle or find an item that you will carefully wrap for another member.

Bring it to the meeting and we will exchange these items between ourselves.

We are hoping for some very exciting reworks!

Just two more things- don't spend but a few dollars on it if you need to buy it.

And make sure it can be painted.

We'll have sealer, ideas, and help for you on that day.

And you'll get a few months to finish it, before the unveiling!!

Come wearing a color, wearing a smile, and expect to have a good time!

Oh, and there will be food!! Lunch is always a nice touch!

Charms will be awarded for service to DASF last year.

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