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Ginger Edwards Seminar

January 24th and 25th 2009

Give yourself a Christmas present and a great way to start 2009! Here is an opportunity to create that special item or piece of small furniture with Ginger Edwards, a national teacher and author. Ginger will help you with designing on larger pieces that you may bring. She uses touches of faux finish to enhance the design rather than trying to paint roses ‘everywhere’! She will demonstrate techniques and how to use them in class. Unfinished furniture, antique shop finds, or something lurking at home? A small chest or rocking chair? What unique pieces will be created with Ginger in January? Ginger is looking forward to painting with you. Below are examples of Ginger’s work. Preparation can begin as you have time. Bring an 8x10 inch practice poster board to the seminar basecoated in FolkArt Grey Green or DecoAmericana Silver Sage Green or a similar color. Class projects MUST be painted in acrylic paint. Do not bring anything painted white. Register at meetings or by mail for either Day 1 or Day 1 & 2. Most instruction will be provided on Day 1. Make checks payable to DASF. A payment of 50% is required to hold your space. If registering by mail, please indicate your National Number, required for all seminar attendees. January 24th (Day 1 only)$40 January 24th & 25th $80


8"x10" practice board (1 or more prepped with color chosen as your base color)

Basecoated surface (NO black / NO white)

Acrylic basecoat used on your prepped surface

Regular painting supplies (water basin, paper towels, and waxed palette on which to blend paints in brush)

Brushes:Flats: 3/4", 16, 12, 10, 6, 4, 2Rounds: 2, 4Liner: 10/0Soft mop: 1/4 " (optional)Dagger: 1/4" (optional)



FORT MYERS, FL 33908-9712

Location...The Sportsmans Club, 47Th St., Cape Coral

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