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Seawolf's Haven

Seawolf's Haven

~We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind ~

I am currently ~revamping~ the whole of the Seawolf site with also some new additions so do call back when your ~now~ permits to see what extra pages and changes have been made - I hope you enjoy your visit.{smile}

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The Wolves Within





















Warm greetings and welcome to all who enter {smile}

In this place I am known as ~Seawolf~ because I am a Sun Sign Pisces whose Earth Medicine birth totem is ~Wolf~ {with Power Totems of dolphin and grey wolf), hence the name, yet I am also known as ~Mermaid~ because of the same ~water~ connection {smile} 

It is here that I let my Neptunian side flow in different thoughts, poetry and ~rambles~ with words and pictures so that a quiet time of reflection and relaxation might be enjoyed not only by myself in creating the pages but also, I hope, by those of you who call by here {smile}

We are all spiritual beings who have chosen a physical life in order to learn and evolve and sometimes it is not so easy for some as it is for others. I hope that the words and pictures left here will perhaps help you to just relax and thus tune into your own Inner Power that is always there within us all and listen to the Voice within.

You will find there are many different aspects here to explore…


Mermaids to Dolphins 
Wolves to Unicorns..
Dragons to Nature.. to Eagles

or some of  to

or one can even 

they all have their own messages and wisdom to impart to us as we each travel our different paths on the same life ~ Soul~ journey.

Life has many lessons to teach us and if we can share our individual wisdoms in order to evolve and go forward with an increasing sense of awareness, joy and friendship then it makes the journey so much more enjoyable does it not? {smile}

To the Native Americans, ~Medicine~ is not an external substance but an Inner Power that is found in both nature and ourselves, and whether we follow these Teachings or those of others, they all speak the same words of wisdom -

To be open to Truth regardless of its Source .
 to let your Feelings be your Guide,
to honour each other,
and, most important of all,
to Love each other.

I hope you enjoy your sojourn and that perhaps you will come away feeling a little more refreshed than when you arrived.. {smile} and I leave you with an ancient Sanskrit understanding which is also known in other we are all indeed ~One~

~I honor the place in you 
in which  the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you  which is of
Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place  in you
and I am in that place  in me,

We are One~

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~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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