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Suzanne Mikulka's October 2007 Seminar

The class will be held at The Alliance for the Arts on Oct.26th and 27th.

Friday Oct 26th will be the chef. Saturday the 27th will be the veggies. If you can attend only one class it would be the Saturday one.

Any surface is appropriate. Suzanne used a 14x20 cutting board for the chef.

The actual size of the design is 11 x 18. The veggie board, for those doing only that measures 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 . This would look good on a variety of surfaces.

All instructions for the home prep will be available at the September meeting. If unable to be there, the October meeting will be fine. Home prep is minimal.

Hurry and sign up for this fun and interesting Seminar.

The Cost of the Seminar will be $25.00 for one day and $50.00 for both days.

Lunch will be provided

Pattern from "Cuisine D"art" Author: Sandra McLean

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