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Tina Sue Norris, CDA,TDA
Seminars to be held on March 6th and 7th 2009
March 6th Rocky Shore Light, Reverse Glass

The Rocky Shore Light is pen and ink with oil/alkyd rouging and reverse glass technique. $12 includes 11"x14" window mat with back, Miteintes paper surface, instruction packet with photo, palette with paint, ink. Students should bring: crow quill or technical pen, stylus, tape, grey graphite, paper towels, oil brush cleaner, small container with lid for ink if using a crow quill, oil brushes(acrylic brushes may be used on the glass but stiffer small brushes are used for rouging), 11"x14" glass.

There is no prep required for the projects, however, the Rocky Shore Light Class does involve using a pen on glass. Students will need and 11"x14" piece of glass, The glass should be ground on the edges or can be taped for safety. Students may wish to buy an inexpensive glass 11"x14" frame with glass already in place and that is fine too. A bottle of Windex is helpful to have too.

The pens used are crow quiills and Tina will bring some to loan or purchase(they are inexpensive at about $3.00)If students have technical pens or even pigma pens they can bring those, however they do not work well on glass (They will work for the background surface) Tina will bring pen cleaner and do a talk on pens, brushes and use before the project starts.

Brushes should be oil brushes(acrylic ones can be used on glass) small old worn brushes are best for the rouging technique used on the background. Tina will bring some suitable brushes for sale if needed. Other useful items are brush cleaner for oils, paper towels, graphite for transfer, kneaded eraser and tape. Tina will bring some extra supplies to loan out.

March 7th, Fritillaries & Thistle, Water Color Pencil

The price of this project will be $12.00 and will include a 6"x12" mat, Multimedia Board Surfaces & practice piece, super film palette, color worksheet and packet with photo. The price includes 9 half pencils, if no pencils are needed the price shall be $7.50 for the packets. It whole pencils are wanted the price shall be $17.50 for the pencil set and all supplies.

Student should bring: water container, paper towels, pencil sharpener, watercolor brushes. Tina uses small filbert brushes and will bring some along to sell, however they can use brushes that have not been used in oil such as acrylics, stylus, white & gray graphite and a small sharp scissors.

Tina will bring other packets and things that may interest the group.

The seminars will be held at the Sportsmans Club in Cape Coral

Lunch will not be provided for this seminar. It is suggested you bring a brown bag lunch or order out from an area restaurant if you wish.

Thank you Tina we really enjoyed the seminars.

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