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DASF Programs and Seminars from 2007

January 07 Program Flower,Hummingbird or Butterfly on Cloth

January Seminar...Lois Mueller Jan. 19,20,21

February Program 2007 Mardi Gras, Suitcase Painting

March Program, Geranium Note Pad Holder

March 17th Seminar, Assendelfter...Joyce Kostelak

April Program All Day Paint and PotLuck Lunch

May Program, Faux Leather...Side Float Lesson

June Program, Florida Joys Sampler

July Program, Winter in July, Penguin Light Bulb Ornament

August Program,Flamingo/Palm Tree Acrylic Project

September Program,Sunshine and Flowers Acrylic

October Program, Let's Paint Glass

Suzanne Mikulka's October Seminar Chef and Veggies

November Program Paint Cards for Veterans Day

Winter Holiday Luncheon 2007

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