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May 2005 Project

Taught by Patti Welsh-SDP

Port Charlotte, FL

Deco Art Helping Artist


We will create four pen and ink images with unique backgrounds suitable for framing, or use as postcards or even embellishments on greeting cards or whatever other use you can think of.

$2.00 Packet Contains (available at the meeting)

4 patterns for pen & ink drawing

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paint palette which can be saved and reused

Resist(the resist will consist of one or two bottles per table, not per person)

Disposable brush for resist

Salt (for use in making different effects)

Please bring the following in addition to your normal painting supplies:

A soft lead pencil (#2 is OK)

A piece of plastic wrap about 6"X6"

One full sheet and 1/4 sheet of tracing paper

Roll of 1/2" Scotch brand Magic Tape or 1/2" Painter's Tape

Pigma Micron Pen(any size except brush marker) or equivalent permanent black in pen

Board on which to tape the paper surface.(Foam core or cardboard will work). Approximate size should be about 10"X 12" or a little larger.

Splatter brush or tooth brush


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